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1. Japanese technology which consists of Theory, Techniques, and Tools best beauty.

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2. Products "Rosereve", exclusive formula combines high quality materials.

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3. Traditions, Manners and Sincere service of Japanese culture.

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Event Citraland

Well good it feels to directly check the facial skin free + consultation mama club Mall Ciputra Jakarta

Event Citraland

Ms IMEI (International esthetician) is being taught gymnastics tighten the abdominal muscles and thighs exciting! #KlubMamamalciputrajkt

Event Citraland

Mother Venny Operational Manager is explaining Anniversary Promo

WOW surprising promo products mainly discount club mama in Mall Ciputra Jakarta

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  • Esthetic Rosereve Supermall Karawaci (lantai 2 no 43 - 43A, Telp. 021 54200510/11)
  • Esthetic Melrose Mall Ciputra (lantai UG unit 48, Telp. 021 5606545/2688)
  • Esthetic Rosereve Pluit Village (lantai 1 unit 1 - 95A, Telp. 021 66603129/39)

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