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Rosereve Collagen Machine

Photo excellence Collagen Therapy Machine

- Using a special light to activate fibroblast cells in the dermis.
- Smooth skin metabolism
- Rejuvenates the skin from the inside by keeping the basal layer
- Warms the inside of the body
- Detoxification through perspiration
- Hair becomes smooth, nails become stronger
The process as in the picture:


There was true light effect?

In Europe, many emerging diseases, depression, etc. mentioned a lack of vitamin D. This happens because of lack of sunlight. In 1800 began the study of light.
In 1903 Niels Ryberg Finsen of Denmark instigate Carbon Arc lamps and won the Nobel Prize in the field of Medical Physiology.
In 2003, publishes scientific research that light with a wavelength of 633nm can give an effect on fibroblasts.
Collagen Light is designed to be able to properly penetrate the skin have been developed various international research institutes and the effect has been proven. 40 years ago NASA uses this light to accelerate the recovery of cells and injured, evidenced by giving stimulus to the plant.


Fibroblast cells were what?
The cells that produce collagen, Elastin, hyaluron acid which serves to maintain flexibility, elasticity and moisture.
Fibroblasts will also outline Collagen Elastin-aging and replace them with new ones and network with slow metabolism.
Aging, UV rays, strees, Smoke causing free radicals that can weaken the fibroblast cells.


Collagen - hyaluron in the market

- Supplements and Beverages
  When entered the small intestine will be described by Amino acids, these substances can be collagen material, but it is difficult if directly.
- Cosmetics that contain collagen-hyaluron Generally because large particle can not be absorbed by the skin (usually aim to moisturize)
- Injectable Collagen-hyaluron
no effect, but little by little will be absorbed by the body and within half a year of collagen will be exhausted, so it must be done regularly injecting. 

Visible rays

Beam that can be seen by the naked eye. In general, the rays emitted by the sun or the light is visible light. Many studies have proven the safety beam.
In the medical world today, light therapy has been used as a medium, and many also be applied to cosmetics.
Collagen is a ray of light with a wavelength of 633nm which can activate fibroblast cells (located on the spectrum 600nm - 760nm).